No Crime Unpunished

The pitiful fines that were twice issued to the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt in 2012 & 2019 as well as the failure to secure a conviction against the Quorn hunt for their February 2020 hunt across a private golf course and into a graveyard reinforces the work we do. 

What's more, during 2020 we received 55% more reports of suspected cub hunting than in 2019, despite the national lockdowns. 

Our director of Investigations has been working behind the scenes in order to secure a set of intensive training sessions for all CPS associated lawyers and barristers with a view to bettering their knowledge on wildlife crime and the Act.

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Education is vital to our success in creating a kind world for fox cubs. You can test your knowledge on the Hunting Act 2004 cruel exemptions by taking our quiz below: 

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