Tomorrow starts today

This year we could play a crucial role in bringing about a real ban on fox hunting in Scotland and Northern Ireland. We could finally get a commitment from the National Trust to end hunting on their land for good. We could help to bring about an end to snaring and caged breeding of game birds in Wales.

A permanent end to hunting on National Trust land would:

  • End the endorsement of hunting by all major charitable conservation bodies in England
  • Deny access to
    610,000 acres
    acres of land for hunting of persecuted animals
  • Restrict access to further areas of land due to access restrictions
  • Set a strong precedent for other major landowners to follow suit
  • Reduce the environmental impact of hunt-related activities


Banning fox hunting for good in Scotland would:

  • Recognise that
    of the national public think fox hunting should be banned
  • Set a higher standard for animal welfare laws across the UK
  • Permanently stop ten fox packs operating across the country
  • Stop the suffering of untold thousands of foxes terrorized by legalised cruelty


An end to caged breeding and snaring in Wales could:

  • Save 90,000 birds from caged misery each year in one Welsh county alone
  • Reduce the annual release of over 60 million birds across the UK shot for enjoyment
  • Eliminate the estimated 50,000 snares that endanger wild animals and beloved pets
  • Recognise that
    of the national public think snares should be banned


A ban on fox hunting in Northern Ireland would:

  • End over 500 days of hunting taking place in Northern Ireland every year
  • Recognise that
    of the national public think fox hunting should be banned
  • Protect farmland from unwanted trespass which terrifies livestock and causes environmental damage
  • End Northern Ireland’s 19 year wait for a ban since Scotland first outlawed this cruelty
  • Protect the country’s 33,500 badgers from hunt-related persecution

By engaging with national organisations, large landowners, local councils and the public at large, we could have our most significant year for improving animal welfare since the Hunting Act 2004 was passed.

Every donation strengthens our campaign for real change and brings us ever nearer to ending cruel ‘sports’ for good.