United Against Hunting

In just three weeks there will be a new government and it needs to be one which is prepared to lead the fight against animal cruelty. Please stand with us today to make sure that every election candidate knows that animal welfare is important to you. You can play an important part in protecting the Hunting Act 2004 at this critical time by giving us the strength to reach as many people as possible with the important message that animals matter. Our wildlife is counting on your vote.

During the last General Election:

Infographic: We increased the anti-repeal majority by at least 66 votesInfographic: 63,568 emails sent to candidates

Infopgraphic: We inspired over 100,000 people via social mediaInfographic: icon

We did it in 2017 and we can do it again.

A new government must protect the Act, deliver harsher sentences for animal cruelty offenders and strengthen anti-hunt legislation throughout the UK. Please join us today in making animal welfare the most important issue of this election.

  • • £10 would pay for campaign materials including billboards, banners and leaflets, to inspire thousands of voters to join the call for stronger animal welfare laws
  • • £20 would empower our supporter groups to take to the streets and make our voice heard above the political noise
  • • £30 would pay for our campaigners to be on the road talking face to face with candidates about the importance of a stronger ban on hunting