The trees at our wildlife sanctuaries provide much more than just the oxygen we breath.

For our wildlife, they provide a delicious source of food, an impenetrable shelter during the unforgiving British winter and most importantly they provide protection from barbaric hunting parties.

Will you gift a tree today and provide our wildlife with the food, shelter and protection they need?

Our Head of Conservation and Education Paul Tillsley is the guardian of our wildlife sanctuaries located across Exmoor, Dartmoor and the Quantock Hills. His expertise and first-hand experience reveal the impact our natural habitat plays in the lives of our precious wildlife.


We’ve started the process of felling and re-planting a small selection of conifers at our Covedown sanctuary as they can often provide too much shade, making it inhospitable for our wildlife. We have replanted broadleaf trees in their place as these deliver a much healthier and more natural environment that our wildlife flourishes in.

We must continue this important replanting process to provide a home and food for our wildlife today and for the generations of wildlife to come. Will you gift a tree and help us leave a legacy for our wildlife?

Your gift of £15 could enable us to:

  • Plant a tree, with a stake and shelter (we will be out planting come rain, hail or shine!)
  • Provide ongoing maintenance such as weeding and if necessary, the replacement of damaged trees (the deer in Brockhole Wood seem to get great pleasure from kicking them over!)

We cannot do this without your help, so if you are able, please consider gifting £15 before Monday 29th April so we can start planting these much-needed trees for our wildlife.